What’s The Worst That Could Happen? Impact Wrestling, 8/29

TNA Says:

The Main Event Mafia will also be on IMPACT! This past week they scored a major victory over The Aces and Eights, and also eliminated Aces member Devon from TNA! With the Aces on the defensive, will The Mafia continue their assault on Thursday as the war for power continues between the two groups?

Best Case Scenario: The Mafia celebrates briefly, but reinforce that their ultimate mission of knocking Bully Ray off the top and disbanding Aces & Eights forever is still far from completed. Aces & Eights respond by picking their spot later in the show and jumping a member of the Mafia (perhaps Sting) backstage to at least temporarily even the numbers game.

Worst Case Scenario: The Main Event Mafia plays up banishing Devon as the coup of the century while the members of Aces & Eights laugh it off like it was no big deal. The Mafia cuts a ten-minute promo followed by a seven-minute promo by Aces & Eights, followed by a five-minute poorly-worked brawl.

Dave Says: The Mafia has a victory to celebrate, but a prolonged gloating session will only hurt their babyface cred and send viewers flocking to the remote. This is a sensitive moment for the booking of this angle, as Aces & Eights need to sell the loss of Devon as a blow that hurts, but stay credible until the feud is finally blown off (at Bound For Glory, let us pray).

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