Andy's Angry

NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews “Tour de Circus”

28/12/2014 6

New tag team champions are crowned, the party has ended for Reckless & Wasted, the stage is set for Psycho Circus, and much more. Angry Andy is back with another NYWC review, for “Tour de Circus.” […]

Andy's Angry

NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews “Hotter Than Hell”

01/09/2014 1

Welcome back for another NYWC review.  This time around, we’re looking at HOTTER THAN HELL, the aptly named show from NYWC’s home court in Deer Park, New York. I’m going to apologize in advance for […]

Indy Wrestling Reviews

NYWC: Angry Andy Observes the “Aftermath”

24/03/2014 2

If the Psycho Circus is NYWC’s version of Wrestlemania, Aftermath is RAW the next night. Angry Andy lets us know what worked, and what didn’t, as NYWC set the stage for the year to come. […]


NYWC: Angry Andy goes to the (Psycho) Circus

20/02/2014 6

Every year, the New York Wrestling Connection goes all out to present the Psycho Circus, it’s biggest show of the year. Angry Andy is here to let you know what worked, what didn’t, and why you missed out. […]