The SummerSlam Drinking Game

We’ve decided to try something new and fun (and perhaps legally irresponsible, so be responsible playing this game, because dead readers are worthless to Google Analytics). Instead of writing “every time there’s a”, it (or the appropriate phrasing) should be implied at the beginning of each rule. Anything in quotes can be paraphrased, but should maintain the basic integrity of the sentence. (Also, don’t forget to check out our What’s the Worst That Could Happen? preview). Other than that, have fun (responsibly):


1 sip:

“WWE Universe”

“Biggest Party of the Summer”

“Trending on Twitter”/”Twitter”

“WWE App”

“Be a Star campaign”

“Money in the Bank briefcase” mention.

Flub by The Miz as the host of SummerSlam

Mention of how divided the crowd is during the main event

“Beast” or “Best” said the entire night

Someone hits their finisher

“Total Divas”

Every inappropriate Jerry Lawler joke (Editor’s Note: PLEASE use discretion)

Fox News-level conservative talking point from JBL

“AJ is crazy” or variations thereof

3 sips:

Shield run-in

“Daniel Bryan was trained by HBK/William Regal”

“Listen to the “reaction” John Cena gets”

“Damned Numbers Game”

Mention that Natalya was a member of the Hart family/trained in The Dungeon

“New way to watch television”

Brad Maddox appearance

5 sips:

“Daniel Bryan was trained by HBK/William Regal” after a kip-up/Regal stretch

Announcers say how “hot” Daniel Bryan is “right now”

World’s Strongest Slam

“Beast” or “Best” said during match

Someone kicks out of a finisher

“AJ is easy/gets around” or variations thereof

Plug for Night of Champions

Vickie Guerrero appearance

Lakers/Clippers/Kings reference (5 sips EACH)

Chug (10-second)

Vince McMahon comes down to the ring, (double if he’s doing grapefruit walk)

“Ring of Fire”

Explanation that the Ring of Fire is not to set someone on fire with

Non-Shield run-in

Miz makes a match


The Miz forgets what he was supposed to say

“big fight feel”

“Vintage” – Michael Cole

“New champ!” – Michael Cole

Oddly clever retort to JBL’s Fox News-level conservative talking point from Michael Cole

Blood – Busted open hardway

Cut-away to celebrities in the crowd (chug for each segment, not celebrities)

Surprise match


Triple H screws someone

The Miz makes a good point

F-5 or Go 2 Sleep (Editor’s note: you will be dead after this.)

Title change

Blood – From blading

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