#OwenWeek: Top 10 List – Brothers

Because we’re wrestling journalists — and Buzzfeed contributors —  we’ve decided that we needed to start creating a top ten list based on each Wrestler. We’ve decided to not include any criteria for the list, because we’ve been told by experts in the list-making field that it would just muddy our ability to explain why we’re right. You should understand, because you read us, that we know more about wrestling than you and what we think is best IS best. We promise. If you want, you can guess what why we’ve chosen these people the way we have in the comments. Where you belong.

So, without further ado, we give you the definitive list of the Top 10 Other Brothers:

1. Kane

2. Christian

3. DeVon Dudley

4. Gene Anderson

5. Spike Dudley

6. Jerry Valiant

7. Bart Gunn

8. Blake Beverly

9. Terry Garvin

10. Ed Boulder

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