Infinity War, Part 1

This may be a bit of nerdy nomenclature, though I don’t think it quite warrants its own discussion zone: Stephanie McMahon’s actual job seems to fit the title of General Manager much better than commissioner, with Angle functioning closer to a coach asked to book matches whenever someone wanders into the ring at the same time as someone else instead of plays.

The pick-up of Sami and KO by Raw – and by extension, the aforementioned Stephanie — makes more sense than nearly every other acquisition on the show combined. Having Kami signed to the WWE sticks in the craw of Shane, helps to both serve her agenda (because they like/respect her inasmuch as they feel those emotions in their current state) and undermine Kurt Angle symbolically (because they were added by Stephanie against his express wishes) as well as practical (because they are dicks.)

Sami Zayn manages to be everyone’s No Way Jose: it is through him that your character is revealed. He’s so himself at all times that it’s how the crowd reacts to the targeting of his obnoxiousness that tells you the crowd’s rooting interest in any given segment. I don’t know how helpful that is for him long term but the whole “love him or hate him, he gets A REACTION” thing they go for, it’s probably not bad.

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