Andy’s Been Busy: Chikara’s Season Finale, ROH’s Final Battle, and CM Punk’s Career Change

At this point, we all know what CM Punk had to say on Colt Cabana’s podcast.  You think what you think about it.  Without recapping too much, I think he raises a lot of valid points, while also sounding like a bitter ex-girlfriend who is more upset to see her ex doing alright without her, than she was over the actual break-up.
We all know what Vince had to say about Punk, and everything else, on Stone Cold’s podcast.  Nothing earth-shattering.
What was earth-shattering, at least for a few moments, was CM Punk announcing that he had signed a contract with UFC.  At 36 years old. With absolutely zero professional fighting experience.
All I’m going to say here is good luck.  I’m a fan of pro wrestler CM Punk, but bitter old CM Punk? Not so much.  While I don’t want the guy to get hurt, I do want him to lose – decisively —inside the octagon.  I want the guy’s ego to get taken down a notch, and I want him to be a little bit more of an actual person. It’s not going to happen without him eating a big-ass slice of humble pie.
Until then, expect a lot of eye-rolling from Punk toward pro-wrestling and its fans, while he also cashes in huge checks from his new online t-shirt shop, and the UFC contract that pro wrestling and its fans made possible.
If you thought Ryback’s working kicks hurt…


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