Andy Will Be Angry If…: Tables, Ladders & Chairs…and Stairs Edition

United States Championship Match

Rusev Swagger

Rusev (c) vs. Jack Swagger

Sorry, Jack.  WE THE PEOPLE aren’t expecting this to work out too well for you here.

I’ll be angry if: Swagger wins.

I’ll keep my cool if: Rusev wins. Lana gets some mic time. WWE debuts a new match-long picture-in-picture feature, making sure Lana is ALWAYS on screen, while also allowing us to watch the match. Lana = ratings.

What I’m expecting: Rusev makes Swagger tap to the Accolade, after a few minutes of #HOSSDIVISION action.  Rusev continues to kill Swagger post-match.  Rusev’s next opponent makes his challenge, OR Rusev prepares to dominate in the Royal Rumble.


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