Andy Will Be Angry If…: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Edition

Joe Corbin

Samoa Joe vs. Baron Corbin

I’m curious about this match, but not very excited about it. Yeah, Joe will be able to carry Corbin to a better match than Bull Dempsey or Rhyno could. That’s the problem.

They’re not going to have a great, competitive match. They’re going to have a match that makes Baron Corbin look good… and that’s not too exciting.

Still, after watching Samoa Joe wrestle in small ass venues for ROH back in the day with my boy Alex, it’ll be great to see him live… in front of 13,000 people at the Barclays Center.

I’ll be angry if: Joe looks stupid, losing to a guy with a cool look, name and finish… but not much else.

I’ll keep my cool if: Baron Corbin gets his muscles busted… or if Joe gets to look good in defeat.

I’m expecting…: A stiff match that Corbin wins. Joe takes Corbin’s finish like a god.

If I booked it: A heel team would run in after the match, attacking both guys. Corbin gets the rub from fighting them off with Joe, gets Joe’s respect, and gets another win in a future tag team matchup, where he teams up with Joe.

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