Cody Rhodes’ Very Bad Things

Everyone is aware that this Big Show/Better for Business Bureau is just a rehash of the HBK-JBL storyline. Which is true, but this is taking place in the context of a much larger story. Of course someone was going to be put up to something they didn’t want to do because they were broke, and if it happens to be the guy with ham-sized fists, then so be it. And congratulations on Stephanie for finally taking that masterclass in heeldom.


Wow. Uh. Bray Wyatt is The Truth.


Cody Rhodes playing Steamboat to Orton’s Flair is never going to get old (for me). Staring up at those lights so much is probably not the best for Cody, but everybody has to make sacrifices.

Is Orton trying to get the RKO not over? That will literally never happen. But if he’s trying to get wildly booed for it, and is prepping the crowd for when he tries to do the snake thing against Daniel Bryan, then yes keep doing that.

JBL playing the role of — and this is a line from Michael Cole — of press secretary for The Administration adds a weird political wrinkle, but (and I literally can’t believe I’m saying this) if anyone can keep up with JBL it’s Cole. Bradshaw repeatedly saying “we wish Cody well” with all future endeavors implied while Cole asks him “Seriously, dude, WTF?” is as good as we are going to get on commentary in 2013 (take that how you will). That Jerry Lawler is the voice of reason in this whole deal is really the only downside. Where’s (and I literally can’t believe I’m saying this) Alex Riley when you need him?

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