#YokoWeek: Essential Viewing

Undertaker vs. Yokozuna

Royal Rumble, 1994
Casket Match

They can’t all be winners.

I don’t remember anything positive about this match, as far as work rate goes. It wasn’t good.
The story, however? Way more important.

Undertaker couldn’t beat Yoko, and Yoko couldn’t beat Taker. It took all the midcard heels interfering on Yoko’s behalf to finally put Taker down.

Why does it matter?

It means that along with Yokozuna being completely unbeatable, it means his handler — the iconic Mr. Fuji — is conniving enough to make sure his man always has the advantage. You take a dangerous performer, and back him with a dangerous mind.

If The Undertaker, wrestling’s greatest paranormal and superhuman character of all time, isn’t able to beat that duo… how could Lex Luger? How could Bret Hart? How couldĀ anyone?

They can’t… and that’s why, even if the match sucks, the writing is great.


Bonus viewing… those special effects at the end. Good grief.


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