Yes He Can!

The Usos’ rise to stardom has been the type of thing that makes you love wrestling. Their in-ring work was never lacking, but there’s a very nice cohesiveness to their presentation that has made all the difference in the world for them. Palpable improvement of workers is always fun watch, but when obvious efforts are made to make the show that “brands” — meaning superstars, tag teams and divas as distinct characters on the show — are giving as enjoyable as possible, it’s an absolute joy to be a part of. Discussion about whether the WWE can build new characters should begin and end with the Usos, who have evolved from the poor man’s version of Duece and Domino — with Tamina as their “Cherry” — into two of the fastest rising stars in the company based almost entirely on the strength of their character development.

Here’s a question: was the cage already above the ring in storyline too? In other words, will the implication be that this match between the Usos and the Wyatts — and what will come as a result of it (spoiler alert) — was spontaneous or part of an elaborate plan between Daniel Bryan and Kane to get revenge on the Wyatts? And, if so, does that mean I was totally wrong in last week’s (first) episode of our (NEW!) podcast by calling DB Spiderman? Is Daniel Bryan really Batman? Because that’s a Batman gambit if I’ve ever seen one.


It’s really unfortunate that they are so dedicated to burying guys like Sandow. What is the company going to do when guys like Cena are no longer able to go every night? If the people in charge really cared about what’s best for business, they would have Sandow win the match cleanly in the middle of the ring with John’s finisher just two weeks before he main events a PPV. That’s how you book stars. And I know this because I write a wrestling column.


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