What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: WWE Extreme Rules 2015

Kiss Me Arse Match

Sheamus Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Best Case Scenario: Chants of  “This is Awesome” and “Match of the Year” fill the Rosemont Horizon for nearly the entirety of their 25-minute epic performance. After the match, the entire locker room clears out to carry both performers to the back as the crowd gives them a well-deserved 12-minute standing ovation. OR, after this match, no one actually kisses someone else’s “arse”.

Worst Case Scenario: Ziggler suffers another concussion within the first five minutes of the match, causing him to fall on Sheamus and reinjure his shoulder. After the match, both men legitimately retire and become anti-wrestling crusaders that eventually bring down the entire industry with a massive expose that outs the McMahons as parasitic demons sent from Hell to feast on the minds of children. OR, someone actually kisses someone else’s “arse”.

What Nick Wants To Happen: Sheamus and Ziggler have the match everyone knows they are both capable of individually, but in a way that blends their styles perfectly. OR, after this match, no one to actually kiss someone else’s “arse”. Please make that not happen.

What Will Happen: Ziggler will kiss Sheamus’s “arse”.


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