What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: WWE Extreme Rules 2015

Chicago Street Fight

Ambrose Harper

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Best Case Scenario: With special guest commentators Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, both Dean and Luke are given makeovers that make them “less Deliverance, more Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” 

Worst Case Scenario: In an attempt to reach maximum verisimilitude, Ambrose over does electroshock therapy (administered by an unlicensed Renee Young) and is unable to work the match. Replaced by Erick Rowan, the two former members of the Wyatt family end up having a long talk in the middle of the ring and seemingly work out their differences non-violently with both performers exchanging new contact information and promising to “keep in touch, because this was really nice and cleared up a lot of things for me that I’d been trying to work through and figure out”.

What Nick Wants To Happen: A bit of dueling banjos, but involving overly complicated clotheslines scenarios instead of ditties.

What Will Happen: Dean Ambrose will dominate most of the match before inevitably pushing things too far, causing a hologram to explode in his face.


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