What’s the Worst That Could Happen: The 2014 Elimination Chamber PPV

WWE Tag Team Championship Match


New Age Outlaws (C) vs. The Usos

Best Case Scenario: The Usos comes as close as is humanly possible to winning before having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by Authority interference, getting the Usos involved in the main storyline in the company, while also giving something for them to look forward to at WrestleMania.

Worst Case Scenario: NAO beat them clean, Shawn Michaels and Triple H come out to reform DX, with all four members involving themselves in the next two matches in the card, even bringing out Chyna just to show the Universe whose in charge.

What Nick Wants to Happen: A safe match where someone wins in a way that advances the storyline in an interesting direction. And yes, this is generic, but it’s best to not get hopes up for a match with as many moving parts involved — both in the ring and backstage — especially considering how much different the landscape of long-term booking will be following tonight. Also, I don’t want to be all full of sads when The Usos lose.

What Will Happen: Outlaws win. The internet explodes, because the internet doesn’t understand how wrestling works.


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