What’s the Worst That Could Happen: The 2014 Elimination Chamber PPV


Best Case Scenario: del Rio wins via submission, Batista challenges him to a match at WrestleMania immediately after, they recreate the WrestleMania X dynamic where Randy Orton has to face Daniel Bryan at the beginning of the night while Batista has to face del Rio, winners face off in main event for WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Worst Case Scenario: Batista gets too winded to do Batista Bomb, settles for Cross Ambreaker to make del Rio submit to his own move.

What Nick Wants to Happen: del Rio wins, even if it is in the dirtiest way possible and makes him look worse than he did after he beat up Ricardo.

What Will Happen: Batista will win, and make del Rio look even worse than he did after he beat up Ricardo.


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