What’s the Worst That Could Happen: Battleground PPV


Battle Royal

Best Case Scenario: Sheamus wins, consolidating the midcard under his Iron Brogue Kick until the returning hero, Bad News Barrett takes what’s rightfully his. Or, at least, that’s how the British part of me would write it in the newspaper.

Worst Case Scenario: They forget to book a way for Great Khali to be eliminated, he forgets that he isn’t supposed to win and becomes dehydrated under the hot lights. While disoriented, he accidentally eliminates 18 of the 20 other participants. Color blind, he misses the remaining Los Matadores — or, El Matador — who wins the match after Khali is lured out of the ring with water jugs.

What Nick Wants to Happen:  I’m a Day Dream BO-Liever.

What Will Happen: Kofi will have a silly elimination spot, Dolph Ziggler will make everyone else look too good, Cesaro will perform a feat of impossible strength, RVD will do a spot that looked better five years ago and last looked good five years before.

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