Bang For Your Buck PPV Review: The 2014 Elimination Chamber PPV

Intercontinental Championship Match


What Will Happen: A HOSS fight of biblical proportions, with Big E. retaining in a way that never *really* puts the result in doubt, but does just enough to make you wonder what would have happened if Coulter wasn’t shouting things at E. to make him angry.

Oof. Baboof. This was a HOSS fight, the way God himself — Vince McMahon — intended it to be. Swagger is pretty much the WWE’s equivalent to the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA: he’s never going to win the big trophy, but he can make the life of anyone trying to make their way to the top of the mountain completely miserable before they inevitably best him. Now, the reasons that the Grizzlies can’t win is because of a mix of injuries and the lack of a player who can create his own shot in the last few minutes of the game, while Jack’s inability to get over the hump involves a pot arrest and a lack of charisma, but both are prime examples of how much more important the journey is to the destination when creating a narrative. Big E., for perhaps the first time, looks like a serious champion, not someone who can beat also-rans because he was booked to win the match.
While saying that this match was anything better than a very solid defense of a unfortunately meaningless mid-card title would be a stretch, but for a company that’s been pretty egregiously bad at making that match happen, it was definitely worth the time (and money.)
Match +.5 

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