What’s the Worst That Could Happen?: Impact Wrestling Preview, 6/6

TNA Says: Chris Sabin capped off his amazing comeback at Slammiversary, winning The Ultimate X Match to once again become the X Division Champion! After the win, Hulk Hogan told Sabin that like last year, the X Division Champion will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the upcoming Destination X event! Austin Aries made history last year – will Sabin follow the same path? Tune into IMPACT to see the new X Division Champion!

Best Case Scenario: Sabin gets the big babyface victory promo that he didn’t get to cut at Slammiversary. Hulk Hogan waits his turn and makes the Destination X announcement after Sabin is done.

Worst Case Scenario: Sabin blows out his knee on the way to the ring. Hogan doesn’t let the X Division Champion get a word in as he tells the crowd again that they should act like Sabin is him (a puzzling statement, considering that they are alike only in the fact that they are professional wrestlers).

Dave Says: Sabin deserves a big celebration, given his legacy in the X Division and the legitimately hard road he has traveled to get back on top. Hopefully this will be a segment all about him tying together the past, present, and future of the X Division.

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