What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Impact Wrestling, 10/10

TNA Says:

Plus, WHO is ETHAN and when will he arrive in IMPACT WRESTLING? We got a sneak peek this past week – more to come on Thursday night!

Best Case Scenario: Ethan debuts, cuts a promo explaining who he actually is and what he stands for, and works a three minute squash match against a jobber to establish his style and finisher.

Worst Case Scenario: Either Ethan’s debut gets Brodus Clay-bumped to some point in the indefinite future or Ethan is revealed to be the returning Glen Gilbertti (Seriously, did you see that teaser last week?! The voice, the back of the head… it was weird!), leading Mike Tenay to unleash his signature forced-shock scream of “HOLY S–T, IT’S DISQO!!!”

Dave Says: Introducing a new low-to-midcard character just weeks before your biggest event is a somewhat questionable strategy. The appearance of Ethan (is it “ETHAN” like “KENTA,” or are they just using caps to show they’re really excited?) at this point will only take away from the time TNA has to hype their important matches. What possible plans could TNA have for Ethan headed into BFG? A squash match that the crowd boos out of the building?

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