What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Impact Wrestling, 10/10

TNA Says:

Lei’D Tapa has arrived to the ranks of the Knockouts! The dominant TNA newcomer made an instant impact by attacking Velvet Sky this past week! What’s next for the imposing Knockout as she plans to unleash a path of destruction? Who is next on her list? Tune in and find out!

Best Case Scenario: TNA brings in some kind of female jobber who Tapa can actually go over and look strong against before calling out Knockouts Champion ODB. Tapa doesn’t do that whole screaming deal she does.

Worst Case Scenario: Tapa and ODB touch, destroying the mystique that they might have a halfway watchable match at Bound For Glory. Tapa does that whole screaming deal she does.

Dave Says: Considering the size of the Knockouts’ roster at the moment, Lei’D Tapa’s “path of destruction” will be about as long as the walk from my living room to my fridge to get a drink — which, aptly enough, is exactly what I’ll do the second she appears on TV.

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