What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Impact Wrestling, 10/10

This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling falls on the third anniversary of “the night The Band got back together” 10/10/10, but ironically/luckily will contain no Hulk Hogan as TNA focuses on the fallout from his abrupt exit from power and the larger build towards Bound For Glory. Below is a rundown of all advertised segments:

TNA Says: 

What will the the fallout from “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan telling TNA President Dixie Carter to take his job and shove it? Carter wanted Hogan on #TeamDixie, but in a major shocker, the former IMPACT General Manager told her “I QUIT” and walked out! How will Carter react to what Hogan did? Is it really the end of Hulkamania in TNA? And without Hulk this Thursday, WILL IMPACT FALL INTO COMPLETE CHAOS?

Best Case Scenario: Dixie comes out and gloats big time, completely no-selling her emotional breakdown at the end of last week’s show. She says that she has kicked wrestling’s greatest icon out of wrestling, which makes her the new “Immortal One.” The crowd boos while Hulk Hogan sits at home, nervously hovering over the phone.

Worst Case Scenario: Just as Dixie is clearing her throat to start running down Hogan, his music hits and he steps out on stage. Hogan claims to have cut a deal with “the network” which puts him in total control of the company. Dixie gets all emotional and shout-y like the low rent Stephanie McMahon she is, and then that angle, you know, plays out for the ten-thousandth unsuccessful time.

Dave Says: Read that preview again, inserting a minor chord from an organ at the end of every sentence. It’ll help you imagine what wrestling would be like as a 1930s radio serial.