What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Bound for Glory (2013)

World Heavyweight Championship Match

A.J. Styles vs. Bully Ray (C)

Best Case Scenario: A long, strong match in the ring with minimal bells and whistles. A.J. wins clean.

Worst Case Scenario: Bully Ray wins.

What Dave Wants to Happen: Before the match starts, all TNA’s babyfaces stand at the top of the ramp to ensure that Aces & Eights cannot help Bully Ray defend his title. The entire locker room watches as A.J. defeats Bully Ray “in the middle of the ring” to achieve his destiny and become World Heavyweight Champion again.

What Will Happen: The match has its moments, but also relies extensively on brawling around the building and a whole ton of Aces & Eights hijinks. A.J. Styles gives Bully Ray a “taste of his own medicine” much like Chris Sabin did and wins the title in a less-than-clean manner.

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