What’s the Worst That Could Happen? Bound for Glory (2013)

World Tag Team Championship Match


James Storm & Gunner vs. Pre-Match Gauntlet Winners

Best Case Scenario: Bad Influence (our BCS winners of the pre-match gauntlet) win the Tag Titles, putting the gold around the waists of TNA’s most over tag team.

Worst Case Scenario: Chavo & Hernandez (our WCS winners of the pre-match gauntlet) and GunStorm have a thoroughly clunky match in which Hernandez drops Storm on his head, injuring him for the three-thousand-two-hundred-and-sixty-fifth time in the last two years.

What Dave Wants to Happen: See Best Case Scenario. Seriously, Bad Influence have tallied more minutes on TV than any other team in the last year and consistently have the best matches. How can any other team be portrayed as “champions” in a world based even one percent on merit?

What Will Happen: GunStorm and Bad Influence have a well-worked face vs. heel match which GunStorm win when James Storm pins Kaz following the Last Call superkick.

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