What About Me? What About Randy?

The Rhodes brothers are two of the best workers of their era, which just so happen to be two generations apart. Cody and Goldust are so good at what they do that they made Shiny Happy Big Show and Rey F*ckin’ Mysterio look like hard heels.


Ziggler was maybe the most over he’s been since he lost to Alberto the Headhunter, and it’s nearly as much him as it is Fandango. Mr. Dango has really come into his own as — as Noah mentioned on Headlock’d —  an evil version of Santino. The crowd has begun to recognize that he’s both good at his job and good in the ring entirely separately from that. Santino works not because of his comedic chops, but because he can actually back it up by making everything look good. It’s all just timing, and Dirty Curty  looks like he is starting to get the rhythm of the WWE style down. 


This Real Americans-World Strongest Tag Team match was so much fun, it was hard to know what to do with myself. The crowd loved everyone involved, so while the Real Americans clearly worked as the bad guys, they didn’t care who won in the absolute best way possible. Cesaro and Swagger are the Road Warriors in the ring, except they also sell like Heroes. They may have driven it into the ground during the match, but the tag team division is absolutely stacked even before you start thinking about The Usos.

And don’t even get me started on how excited I am for my “Things that Mark Henry will yell after he turns heel on Big E. Langston” list.


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