This Week in Big E: Motorboatin’ Man-Breasts

We didn’t think it could get worse for the former master of the 5-count, but this week it did. Instead of getting a showcase match defending his Intercontinental championship on the biggest stage possible, Big E. announced he’ll be entering the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Brother instead. Not the best message to send fans about the importance of the champion or the championship. Of course, E could win the whole thing and get a nice Mania Moment, but this feels like a lost opportunity to get the belt and the man holding it some serious shine.

This next tweet is for all the fans out there who wrote pages and pages of Big E/AJ Lee fan-fiction, and are still upset that they unceremoniously disbanded Team Rocket. Although this also works for E and Kaitlyn shippers as well:

Classic Big E:

Fast forward to 5:35. Presented without further comment:


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