This Week in Big E: Hangliders and Windsprints

If there ever was a perfect week to debut this weekly column, this is it. Our main man Big E was nothing more than a prop in the dissolving Real Americans storyline on Raw, and dammit that’s not good enough for a man of his immense stature. Sure, he technically won his two matches, but didn’t get to make any sort of statement in the ring.

Thankfully, Twitter exists. WWE recently started a partnership with Kaboom, a non-profit dedicated to helping kids by providing new playgrounds. Participating children are encouraged to draw their fantasy playground, and well, below is participating man-child Big E.’s ridiculous contribution:

Even when he’s contractually obligated to promote other WWE ventures, he still finds a way to give us some personality:

Classic Big E.

Just because this is supposed to be about Big E.’s present and future greatness doesn’t mean we can’t show you why we wanted to create a weekly celEbration of him with some classic footage of the Master of the Five Count. Fast-forward to the 1:50 mark for some deadpan Big E poking fun at sweaty and breathy backstage interviews:


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