The Suicide Dive Squad

Without putting too fine a point on it, the company should probably slow it down a little bit on these ¬†six man tags for a couple of weeks. Or, for the love of god and all that is holy, not inclue the Usos in literally every single one of them. The need to hype the PPV is understandable, obviously, but knocking out one of these awards and doing a Naomi + Usos v. MizDo(w)s + Cameron match and a Ryback match with some sort of Kane-related interference would have made a lot more sense and been a lot less… blah… than this. But at least the good (read: Big) guy(s) one.

The best award — the Match of the Year — should really be last, at least if the entire point of the show is to celebrate the great accomplishments of the year. Having Superstar of the Year be the final award is the equivalent of giving the Best Actor as the main event of the Oscars. And having Roman Reigns accept an award earlier in the night makes more sense as more people watch the show earlier in the night. No one is waiting around to watch to see who wins Superstar of the Year and then turning off the rest of the episode, so why book the show that way?

And as for the award itself, sure there were more entertaining matches, but the choice of Team Authority vs. Team Cena being the most important match of the year — which, in lieu of a transcendent classic like WrestleMania 25’s Taker-Michaels I is usually what this award seems to be given to — is pretty unequivocal. It essentially put a bow on the biggest storyline of the last year and a half and helped make one main event in Ziggler, and pushed guys like Ryback and Eric Rowan into places of significance on the card in a single month of booking. We may end up looking back at that match — and the Survivor Series PPV in general — and a seminal moment in the future face of the WWE. There’s been a change coming and with John Cena getting knocked out of his own match, destroyed by Brock Lesnar and CONSTANTLY talking about how he’s “The Face That Runs the Place” it seems there is a change in the air and we may look at that show as the night the winds turned directions. Or, we could just end up watching John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar III.V at WrestleMania XXXI.


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