The Suicide Dive Squad

This Naomi-Whichever Uso who is married to her segment was exactly the type of thing they should be doing with the Usos. Uso #1 went from looking like a jerk to looking like a bumbling idiot sitcom husband, which is actually a good thing — or at least a better thing than the generic wrestling boyfriend who can’t be happy for his significant other’s success — because it seems to indicate that his character is actually genuinely concerned that his wife is being thrown in the middle of his feud with Mizdow and being used as a pawn to get inside his head. Is this self-centered? Sure. But having it come from a self-centered place is what gives the situation an actual conflict and not have it be some contrived misunderstanding ┬áthat would be easily solved if one of them sat down and said “this is what I mean, and this is how I feel about what’s happening.”
While Damien deserves a great deal of the credit for the magic of the MizDow character, The Miz’s contributions shouldn’t be discounted. His willingness to lead with his chin while being heel is something that should be admired and will likely lead to him being enshrined in the Hall of Fame some day.

That Jack Swagger’s best promo ever — which oddly happened at this show — was precisely two sentences should tell you all you need to know regarding why, despite his talent, he’ll never be a World’s Champion again. But if he wants to keep running up against hosses for mid-card titles for the next ten years, that’s fine with me.


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