The JMS Renew Review: Backlash (2018)

EliasNew/Rusev Day Segment

“Jojo, you know what to do!”

This segment… really worked? I’d take one of these — not necessarily an Elias spot, but a Miz TV here or KO-Sami Show there — at each PPV as the cool down/bathroom segment. It’s the kind of thing where the show could have happened without it and presumably would have been shorter, but it’s not like these things require us to stay up for the entire show anymore. While I can’t imagine ever going back to rewatch this segment, it is certainly the kind of thing that’s enjoyable to encounter when trying to finish the PPV before Raw the night after. That it furthers the feud between Roode and Elias, while strengthens the connection between Titus Worldwide and No Way Jose without giving away a match you can use next month or on Raw also means it wasn’t just filler and had real purpose on top of getting everyone onto a show that they would not have been otherwise.

“Ladies and gentleman, Elias.”

Segment: Fun.0

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