#TakerWeek: The Ten Best Streak Matches

3. Edge, WrestleMania XXIV

Edge is unequivocally the most underrated WWE performer of all time. The second biggest star of an admittedly lean era, his lack of serious competition for the second spot on the roster has seriously skewed the perspective for many on one of the more decorated careers of any era.

That this was the main event of the PPV and it was for a world title may not seem like a big deal. But, considering the only other match in the streak that fulfilled both those criteria happened 11 years before — and that Edge was also undefeated at WrestleMania when the match began — means that this had perhaps the highest stakes in the history of the Streak. To main event a PPV that feature a Triple Threat match between HHH, Cena and Randy Orton and┬áthe retirement match of Ric Flair (against Shawn Michaels) should tell you all you need to know about how big of a deal the Undertaker working at WrestleMania was as this point.

And, most importantly, this is DEFINITELY the best match in the history of the Streak outside of what we have at No. 1. These were two big money performers, bringing everything they had on the biggest stage possible to give a proper blowoff to a feud over a year in the making.

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