#TakerWeek: The Ten Best Streak Matches

6. HHH, WrestleMania XXVIII

More so than the previous year’s bout, this had all the inklings of an upset to officially “End the Era”. But, alas, poor Yorick… err… Shawn Michaels… was made to suffer through another disappointment. This time with his best friend at his side. This match also includes the moment that FELT the closest to the end of the Streak when Taker took Sweet Chin Music and the Pedigree in  rapid succession before kicking out. Anyone watching that match whose heart didn’t sink just a little before that final hand hit three so probably find a new hobby.

And, aesthetically, it’s one of the nicer looking matches in WrestleMania history. Even with all the orange in the ring, everything about this match popped for a beautiful visual. While this is, of course, yr correspondent’s favorite Streak match, that’s less because of HHH’s involvement than the symbolic and narrative importance placed on this match. While a match later will actually signify the end of an era, this match was the last time they’d mention it as a direct allusion.

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