#TakerWeek: The Ten Best Streak Matches

7. HHH, WrestleMania XXVII

There’s precisely one “good” reason someone could have ended the Streak at some point: future money making potential. Outside of that, the only other thing that could possibly have lead someone to beating the Streak would be unchecked egotism. Thankfully, my favorite performer — and hopefully yours! — is well-known in the wrestling world for (supposedly) having enough ego to fill an arena. The idea that Triple H could have ended the streak JUST because he’s married to the boss’s daughter is silly, but still fun to indulge in, especially in matches like this.

Taken into account that this was also the only good match on the card — well, the only good match NOT INTERRUPTED BY THE ROCK #LONGLIVETHEMIZ — and had come after two of the more celebrated matches in wrestling history, there was a lot riding on this match. And it delivered as much as it possibly could have given the circumstances. Also, the build = f&cking sweet.

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