#TakerWeek: The Ten Best Streak Matches

8. Flair, WrestleMania X-8

Of all the matches where the opponent had absolutely no chance, this is easily the best. It’s a weird mix of a quintessential Flair match and the epitome of Biker Taker brutality. They “tell a great story” better than any other two performers in history — yes, even Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. This match bridged the divide between what the streak was — a thing that happened to be happening, sort of — to a bonafide thing that we needed to take into account when trying to calibrate expectations going into one of Undertaker’s matches at WrestleMania. That may sound weird, especially when you consider that this was sandwiched between WrestleMania X-Seven’s awesome match with HHH and WrestleMania XIX’s clusterkerfluffle with A-Train, the Big Show and Nathan Jones.

Part of that is that this was the first “dream” match of the series. Kane/Triple H and Taker were involved with one another as a matter of course while working through their careers as full-time performers. Taker and Flair was a battle between two legends who were never really in the same place at the same time and in position on the card where a match between the two wouldn’t seem shoehorned. This gave them an opportunity to finally work together on a significant stage, and do so in a way where they could both play to their strengths. Throw in an appearance by the incomparable Arn Anderson(‘s spinebuster) and what this match may lack in technical acumen it more than makes up for in enthusiasm, novelty and an EGREGIOUS amount of blood.

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