Is Wrestling ____?

Is Wrestling _______ ?: Goldeneye

03/07/2014 1

This is a little feature we like to call “Is Wrestling _____?”, where we attempt to make a connection between professional wrestling and something from the world outside of Kayfabe. Today, we’ll look James Bond and the changing face of heroic nationalism. […]

Essential Viewing

#HulkHoganWeek: Essential Viewing, Part 1 – The WWF

27/03/2014 2

It’s #HulkHoganWeek, a celebration of all things Mania and the 28th installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. Today, we give you the finer points of the Terry Boulder oeuvre with some Essential Viewing. Today, it’s the rise of Hulkamania. […]

Professional Wrestling

Juice Make Sugar Presents: #TheShieldWeek Top 10 List – Military Gimmicks

15/11/2013 0

Because we’re wrestling journalists — and Buzzfeed contributors — we’ve decided that we needed to start creating a Top 10 list based on each Wrestler of the Week. We’ve decided to not include any criteria for the list, because we’ve been told by experts in the list-making field that it would just muddy our ability to explain why we are right. In honor of #TheShieldWeek: the Top 10 Military Gimmicks. […]