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DON’T LOOK BACK! Angry Andy Books WrestleMania 32

12/01/2016 0

The absence of guys like John Cena and Randy Orton has some WWE fans calling for main events, featuring the stars of yesterday. But that’d be a huge mistake; a missed opportunity at building new stars in favor of recycled nostalgia.

Here’s a card that makes the most of the roster, highlights fresh faces, and invests in the future of the WWE. […]

Action Jackson

#KOwensWeek: Is Wrestling ____ ? – Dragon Ball Z

08/07/2015 2

This is “Is Wrestling _____?”, where we highlight a connection between professional wrestling and something from outside of Kayfabe. Today, we’ll look Dragon Ball Z and how dreams becoming realities can be nightmare scenarios. […]

Andy's Angry

Angry Andy’s Top 10 Replacements for Bill Demott as NXT Head Trainer

07/03/2015 1

A big job just opened up in the Orlando area, with the immediate resignation of WWE Head Trainer Bill DeMott. WWE is probably looking at a long list of candidates to fill the spot permanently. Andy has taken the time to whittle that list down to the Top 10 best choices to train the superstars of tomorrow. […]

Indy Spotlight

#MachoManWeek: Indy Spotlight – Jay Lethal

13/03/2014 1

It’s #MachoManWeek, the 26th installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. Each week, “Angry” Andy will spotlight a wrestler on the independent scene with some sort of connection to this week’s entry. This time, it’s Black Machismo, Jay Lethal. […]

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