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Andy Will Be Angry If…:Money in the Bank Edition

29/06/2014 0

Money in the Bank is finally here. We’ll be crowning a new champion, and a number one contender…but not in that order. This show has an awesome card, that promises a night of great action… but will it make Andy angry? […]

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Professional Wrestling

An Open Letter: In Defense of Randy Orton

15/07/2013 0

Dear Us (Smart Wrestling Fans Who Presumably Like Wrestling), I generally don’t find it necessary to come to the defense of unpopular wrestlers because, well, they’re usually rich and, more importantly, big boys who can […]

Bang For Your Buck PPV Reviews

Bang For Your Buck PPV Review: Money in the Bank 2013

15/07/2013 3

Last night was the Money in the Bank PPV, where careers are made, bodies are broken, and we spend the entire night worrying whether or not wrestlers have legitimately blown out their knees or are just pretending they did. It’s also been the best Bang for Your Buck PPV over the last few years, and 2011’s edition is in fact the highest rated in our system (read: on the list in my head). Did this one live up to the legacy?

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