Indy Spotlight

#MachoManWeek: Indy Spotlight – Jay Lethal

13/03/2014 1

It’s #MachoManWeek, the 26th installment of our (patent-pending) Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. Each week, “Angry” Andy will spotlight a wrestler on the independent scene with some sort of connection to this week’s entry. This time, it’s Black Machismo, Jay Lethal. […]


The Beginning of the End: Genesis, Part 1

23/01/2014 5

Last week, Dave previewed Genesis, last Thursday’s edition of TNA television, as though it was going to be the first half of a four-hour pay-per-view style show. Instead, Genesis Part 1 was a two-hour advertisement hyping Genesis Part 2, masquerading as an episode of Impact. Dave is not happy about that. […]