Bang For Your Buck PPV Reviews

Bang For Your Buck PPV Review: Extreme Rules 2013

20/05/2013 1

In honor of EXTREME RULES, the one WWE PPV where they *explicitly* make everything a gimmick match, we present our new gimmick column: the Bang for Your Buck PPV review. Check it out, tell us what you think and, you know, enjoy the show or whatever. […]


A Raw Opinion: Are We All Beliebers Now?

14/05/2013 0

This in the first of what will be part of our weekly The Tuesday After Raw™ branding suite. Raw Opinions may be blurbs like this, or carefully constructs treatises on the importance of clowns in wrestling. This is one from our friend, C.J. Tuttle on The Shield, John Cena and the importance of proper heel maintenance. Enjoy. […]

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