Professional Wrestling

Watch and Learn: Bray Wyatt

01/11/2013 0

For every #Kane worthy of his own Week, there is a Bray Wyatt: A young performer hoping to make his mark in the business. Thankfully, we’re here to help them same way we would any other athlete: give him tape He Should Watch. And loving our readers like we do, we have some tape You Should Watch of the work that reminds us of his (and because what’s more fun than old wrestling videos!) […]

GIF Parade

#KaneWeek: GIF Parade

30/10/2013 2

It’s Day Three of #KaneWeek, a celebration of all things Big Red Monster and the ninth installment in our patent-pending Juice Make Sugar Wrestler of the Week series. Today, we march through the Hump Day with a GIF parade. […]


Headlock’d: Veil of Ignorance

21/10/2013 0

Low Ki retires on Twitter, Wyatt gets D-listed and you’ll never guess who was this week’s World Heavyweight Championship Douche Canoe, Dude!

Let’s Lock Up! […]

Bang For Your Buck PPV Reviews

Bang for Your Buck PPV Review: WWE Battleground

07/10/2013 0

Last night, Buffalo was turned into a Raw is Warzone, as the WWE presented BATTLEGROUND. This is the first incarnation for the event, and based on the tepid response both in the arena and the wrestling media, probably the last. […]


Headlock’d: SummerSlam Prediction Special

18/08/2013 2

Noah is back this week to, you know, talk about wrestling and because it’s SummerSlam weekend, predict what’s going to happen at the show. Also, if you like Greek mythology/Disney references, then do we have a couple of Brock Lesnar/Curtis Axel/Paul Heyman jokes for you! […]

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