+/- #’s: Impact Wrestling, 11/7

Segment 4: Aces & Eights Club Vote

Positives: Knux and Bischoff both did solid promo work throughout this show. They actually did a convincing job of lulling Anderson (and the crowd) into a false sense of security with their resignations.

As dead as Aces & Eights has been for months, TNA is actually doing a good job making this match between Anderson and Bully Ray seem like it means something.

Negatives: That swerve was so swervy it made me wonder if TNA had rehired Vince Russo.

Segment Score: +0


Segment 5: Ethan Carter III vs. Dewey Barnes

Positives: They kept it short, and the jobber didn’t get a ridiculous stretch of sustained offense this time.

Negatives: It’s one thing to be a jobber, it’s another thing to look completely incapable of winning a single match ever. It doesn’t raise ECIII’s profile at all for him to keep wrestling the same two stiffs.

Segment Score: -1

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