WrestleMania XXX Drinking Game

Not since, well, last month, have we done something so fun (and perhaps legally irresponsible, so be responsible playing this gamebecause dead readers are worthless to our Google AdSense account.)

But, in honor of the Showcase of the Immortals, we’re bringing back the OFFICIAL Juice Make Sugar PPV drinking game.

A few quick notes:

  • Seriously, don’t die or drive or anything stupid, we can’t afford your family suing us because you eliminated yourself from the Rumble (of life) 
  • Instead of writing “every time there’s a”, it (or the context-appropriate phrasing) should be implied at the beginning of each rule.
  • Anything in quotes can be paraphrased, but should maintain the basic integrity of the sentence.
  • Sips = approximately 1 second.
  • Don’t forget to check out our What’s the Worst That Could Happen? preview, the PPV Predictions episode of Headlock’d and Angry Andy’s thoughts on the show

Other than that, have fun (responsibly):


1 sip:



“shortens careers, Maggle”

30th anniversary

Showcase of the Immortals


Andre the Giant



“WWE Universe”

“Trending on Twitter”/”Twitter”

“WWE App”

“Total Divas”

“Maggle” or variant from JBL

Every inappropriate Jerry Lawler joke (Editor’s Note: PLEASE use discretion)

Obscure reference to a old school wrestler by JBL

“This is a FIGHT”/ “They came here to fight!”

“WWE Network/Biggest thing in the history of industry/revolutionary”


“The Animal”

“cracks in the Shield”

3 sips:

“The face of the WWE”

Brad Maddox appearance

Kane appearance


any WWE commercial during PPV

Shots of the Andre the Giant trophy

The Rock or Austin appearance

Any appearance by a Hall of Famer before the actual ceremony during the show

5 sips:

Kane and Brad Maddox appear together

Roman Reigns spear

Announcers say how much the crowd is behind Daniel Bryan

Someone kicks out of a finisher

“This is awesome” chant

submission finish

non-WWE commercial

“WrestleMania Moment”

Chug (10-second)

Vince McMahon appearance

“big fight feel”

“Vintage” – Michael Cole

“New champ!” – Michael Cole

Oddly clever retort to JBL’s Fox News-level conservative talking point from Michael Cole

Blood – Busted open hardway

Cut-away to celebrities in the crowd (chug for each segment, not celebrities)

Surprise match

roll-up pin

Someone mockingly do the “Yes!” chant

During the entirety of the Hall of Fame segment


Triple H screws someone

Title change

Blood – From blading

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