Going for Broke(n Arms)

The RAWM match was essentially a house show main event, designed entirely to make the crowd go home happy and not change anything with the status quo.

HAVING SAID THAT, it was six talented workers taking bumps and putting on a spectacle for our enjoyment, so what’s it to me? If they do this next week (which would be insane, given that it’s the Superstar Shakeup) I suppose I’d be slightly worried. But as the main event for an essentially meaningless (at that point in the night) show, there are way worse things than going full Oprah — AND YOU GET A SWANTON BOMB, YOU GET A SWANTON BOMB, YOU’RE ALL GETTING SWANTON BOMBS — and quite honestly, this was enough of the BEST THING EVER that I’ll take it any way I can get it:

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