“‘Oui! Oui!’ they said. ‘Oui! Oui!’”

For the second week in a row, the best bit of the show involved the comedic stylings of the IzTourage, with about three minutes too much awkward jacket holding giving way to a genuinely fantastic payoff. Having Bo Dallas’, Curtis Axel’s, Seth Rollins’ and Finn Balor’s faces taped on white tees, in different orders on the two shirts, as a ploy to get them to form a new Four Horseman was as inspired as it was genuinely funny.

Though, while I wouldn’t wish “comedy tag team” on my worst enemy — even my beloved Breezango, two of the most genuinely creative and funny performers the industry has seen also be actually able to work, would need to become significantly more serious (at least Jerry Orbach’s Law & Order) before I took their chances seriously — Bo and Axel’s respective legacies (and shockingly deep relationship with the audience) insulate them from many of the same issues that lead similar pairings without the same name recognition to obscurity.

That this segment was also used to advance the Seth-Finn story to the end of the night was a good use of a Go-Home show, with the winner defending the title again at the PPV in a few days. It worked both to add excitement of the Raw match’s potential outcomes and plant the seeds of potential effects it’ll have on the story being told later this week. Now, if we could just get Seth to change his pants before then, we should be good to go.

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