NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews "We Can Do It"

By now, anyone and everyone on social media has laid eyes upon the hashtag “#GiveDivasAChance.”  The folks at WWE told you they were listening, mentioned it on air, and seemed to at least pay lip service to the concept.  Whether they followed through is up to your own opinion.  And if you think they did, and expect it to… well, I have a bridge to sell you.

But while WWE says it’s giving its female stars a legitimate shot, there are several independent promotions who have actually made it a point to hand the ladies the ball, and see how far they can run.  Shimmer has been doing its thing for years.  WSU is thriving, thanks to its recent partnership with CZW.  Shine is a strong part of the WWNLive brand.  And now, NYWC is shining its spotlight directly on the ladies.

It’s a bold step.  For years, most wrestling fans have seen women’s wrestling presented as an afterthought at best, and an absolute joke at worst.  But when given the shot to just go out there and wrestle, and tell a real story, the women tend to deliver just as well as the men.  If you don’t believe me, look no further than the last few NXT specials.  Or, if you forgot to hand over your $9.99, anything involving Gail Kim in TNA… IF you get Destination America.
We Can Do It was NYWC’s first ever all-Starlets show.  A few girls made their debuts.  A few others made the jump from midcard to top stars.  They didn’t have to steal the show – they were the show – and they shined.  Big time.

I’ll talk more about NYWC’s focus on the Starlets at the end of the review.  For now, let’s head to the matches.


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