NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews "Truck House Brawl"

Reckless & Wasted (JT Kasin & Braydon Knight) vs The Juicy Product (C)  (David Starr & JT Dunn)

NYWC Tag Team Championship

This is your main event for the Truck House Brawl.  And It’s a personal one for JT Kasin, who the crowd was VERY strongly behind.   Reckless and Wasted would have a pretty tough team to conquer in NYWC tag champs The Juicy Product—who are also the tag champs in FIP, CZW, and WSU.

The back and forth was great.  The crowd work was awesome.  David Starr’s bleach-blonde Hollywood

Hogan/Superstar Billy Graham mustache was questionable at best.

Eventually, the ref goes down, a second ref comes out, and counts the 3, and we have new tag team champions!  The crowd goes nuts, beers are had, and the celebration is wonderful.  But… the first ref comes to, and this match isn’t over.  A quick roll-up later, and The Juicy Product are still champions.  The Dust Finish lives!

This match was a lot of fun, even if Reckless & Wasted didn’t leave with the titles.  It was still a great way to let the hometown boy, and the hometown crowd, have a big win…without actually getting the win.