NYWC: Angry Andy Reviews "Truck House Brawl"

“The Desolate One” Rex Lawless (C) vs “The Premier Athlete” Anthony Nese

NYWC Fusion Championship

This is a battle of two guys who I can’t believe aren’t under contract to WWE.  Nese would fit right in with the current crop of world-class athletes getting signed.  He’d put on stellar matches with guys like Zayn, Neville, Breeze, Kenta, Devitt and others.  Lawless has the look, but could use the polish that would come with training in a world-class facility, with world-class talent and trainers.

As you may imagine, this was pretty good.

Nese played the cocky heel, which he’s damn good at.  He gave the crowd at ringside a hard time, too.  Rex looked good, too.  Rex eventually gets the pin with his chokebomb finish, to retain the Fusion title.

This was a pretty damn good match.  I’m expecting to see it as a main event sometime down the road, most likely when Rex is in the NYWC Championship picture.