NYWC: Angry Andy Enters the House of Madness

NYWC returned to the Sportatorium in Deer Park on Saturday, October 25th, with House of Madness.  It was a mostly-awesome card with great action, great booking, and a pretty decent crowd, too.  The place was packed with fans, thanks in part to the stacked main event.  And for much of the night, this crowd was LOUD.  And like any good wrestling show, the action started early, so let’s get to it.

A-Listers are out first to start the show, but without Alvin Alvarez.  J-Redd refers to the group as the “J-Listers,” which gets a pop from me.  He also introduces Jonathan Evans, who is by far the smallest guy on the regular roster, as the group’s new head of security.  Another big pop from me.

J-Redd vs. Sammy Pickles

Pretty paint-by-numbers match, that the crowd was really into.  Finish comes when Pickles gets J-Redd up for a slam, Ultimo Maya distracts the ref, and Cono trips her and holds her legs for the pin.
What I liked:  They didn’t try to do anything too crazy here.  They kept it pretty simple and got the crowd into it, which is really all you can ask from an opening match.  Sammy Is a great underdog babyface, and J-Redd ccontinues to be my guiltiest pleasure on the NYWC roster.   Smart way to open the show.
What made me angry: It wasn’t perfect, but there was nothing to be upset about.


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