NYWC: Angry Andy (And Nick!) Review April Reign

Monsta Mack vs. Angelo Andrews

This was Angelo’s first match and, unfortunately for him, his debut came with a one-way ticket to Suplex City (bitch!). Mack hit him with a bunch of beautiful suplexes, which Andrews sold pretty well. Andrews eventually got the win with a big sunset flip.

This was a really good veteran-vs-rookie, babyface-vs-babyface match. Mack was pretty solid, as usual. Andrews looked really good in his debut, and won believably against the far-more experienced Mack. I see plenty of potential with Andrews going forward, and I really like Mack in the role of a veteran helping groom future stars.

Nick says: Holy jeez, watching a guy like Monsta Mack is like watching Shakespeare the way it was meant to be done. Pretty much flawless timing and what appeared like a highly developed understanding of where he was in the ring at all times, he seems to be a pro’s pro and Angelo couldn’t have asked for a better person to be his first dance partner/opponent.

Angelo, for his part, seemed a wee bit green at some points, though more in his sense of pacing than in a way that made it seem like he’d come anywhere near being reckless. But, if can keep working with people like Mack and focusing on his “facials” and pacing, he could be well on his way to being a good hand and  strong worker for NYWC.


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