NYWC: Angry Andy (And Nick!) Review April Reign

The Big O & Anthony Lacerra vs. Apollyon & Casanova Valentine

Big O on offense early in this one, until Lacerra got in…and then the heels got the heat. Big time. Apollyon and Valentine got their stuff in, and looked vicious. Finish saw Stockade re-emerge from the crowd, and kill Big O and Lacerra with chair shots. Big O gets handcuffed to the bottom turnbuckle, then the heels FUCKING MURDER Anthony Lacerra with kendo stick shots, and an unprotected chairshot to the head. Big O eats a ton of kendo stick shots, too. Heels stand tall to end the show.

My only problem with this match was the unprotected chairshot. It’s 2015, and we all know better.There was no reason for that whatsoever. It’s one of few things, if not the only one, that made me stop and say “oh come on, seriously?” There’s no excuse for it.

Nick says: Let me start by saying this: NO UNPROTECTED CHAIRSHOTS EVER. They are just the worst and absolutely not worth the exchange rate of future brain damage for the cheapest of pops.

Okay, so, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let me start by praising Apollyon and Casanova Valentine: they were two of the best heel tag workers I’ve seen at an indy show in a long time. Apollyon is enormously graceful and Valentine is a character that pops almost instantly and seems to constantly influence everything that the performer does in the ring. I may be partial to hosses and hipsters, but those two were a more than formidable compliment to the most over person on the roster, The Big O, and his gifted young ward, Anthony Lacerra. Lacerra Ricky Morton’d the shit out of his chance in the spotlight, getting the heat turned up to 11 for Big O who was about room temperature for his hot tag.

The post-match stuff more than made up for that, however, with Big O taking a smorgasboard of shots with the kendo stick the way God intended and Lacerra continuing his MVP performance to finish off the night. Though the dramatic walking out of both faces felt like it went on for about two or three minutes too long all things considered, it sets up what should be an interesting bit of business next month. And that’s all you can really ask for.



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