Now I’m A Bo-liever

Emma interview with Renee Young
This was a nice, quick segment to re-ignite Emma’s beef with Summer Rae, who injured her enough to miss out on a NXT Women’s Championship match with Paige.  Another great example of how NXT sets up clean and easy-to-follow NXT feuds. Even the most inconsequential matchups (outside of jobber squashes) are given enough juice for the viewers to understand who these people are and what they want. If WWE gave the mid-card feuds even a fraction of the attention NXT does, the overall story would be much richer.
Also, putting Emma and Renee together is too much cute at once. I had to watch one of those Sarah McLachlan Animal Abuse commercials just to even things out.

Emma vs. Summer Rae
Summer Rae targeting Emma’s injured shoulder was fucking great. As I wrote earlier, NXT does the small stuff well. Summer injured that shoulder in her attack three weeks ago, and working it over again gives her in-ring credibility.
I loved how this match evolved into a submission war with Summer’s cool looking leggy full-nelson leading (screaming, “Ask Her!”) to the Dil-Emma in the same sequence. A nice 5-minute match that keeps Emma strong for a future title match, and keeping Summer effective in the ring and ultra heelish with the Bubble Solution blinding after the match. I love it! Two foreign object appearances in one show. NXT is after my heart.